On fire for the Lord! This looks like what?

On fire for the Lord! This looks like what?

What do you even mean by such words?

In current days, people are seemingly being at a loss when it comes to discerning between the true and the false, the genuine and the counterfeit. That being said I would like to attempt to bring some clarity to a statement that I have all too much seen people make claim of while completely missing the mark there of. It is the claim of being on fire for the Lord. 

Oh, you are on fire?

What do you mean by you are on fire for the Lord? Many seem to mean something along the lines that they feel excited and eager to tell others about the Lord. In other words, it could be said that they are feeling that speaking about the Lord is a trendy thing for them at the current time. It has not been a lone experience of mine to share that I have many times heard such claims and to show that my expression of trendiness is not just from left field. Surely it could be identified as many older, time wise that is, in the faith have told the younger in the faith that it is just a phase that will pass away in time.

You are sadly mistaken…

We see in the bible of how those who where on fire for the Lord contributed to spreading and building the kingdom for the remained of their lives by their faithfulness that the Lord displayed in them by His own hand. This is displayed even in the case where believers were in predicaments that could leave a person in a place of despair, like the story of Paul being beaten and put in prison. From such examples in the bible, we can see that the zeal and compulsion to service the Lord did not fade.

If you are on fire for the Lord, it will not pass away!

Contrary to many expression that I have hear about this I know that I personally am eager and desirous to service the Lord and to witness for the Lord. In any given room or place of being around people I am always looking for avenues in which I can minister unto people. I hope that this will serve you as a form of encouragement to recognize what it really looks like when someone is on fire for the Lord.

There is much lip service going on these days.

It is merely lip service that one is doing when they make such claims of being on fire due to an excitement of works they are doing, rather than identifying the work that God promised to do unto those that He has truely called for His own purpose. Christianity is more about how one finishes than how one starts, and hopefully we can convey this correctly to the next generations, so that people would not think it to be something great to see a person running around claiming to be on fire for the Lord when in fact the thing that identifies that a person is on fire is more so that their lives are being conformed by the Power of the Holy Spirit, according to the Wisdom of the Word of God, into the likeness of the Fathers Son Jesus the Christ. May God bless you who belong to Him.

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